How to Choose a Pre Wedding Photographer

You and your partner have just decided to get pre wedding photos — but where do you start?! With so many things to take into consideration and so many photographers out there, it can be a confusing and stressful process. Here we explore some important factors to consider before you make your decision.

What is Pre Wedding Photography?

Pre wedding photography is a fairly new trend originating from Asia. You may be familiar with engagement photography, where couples wear more casual clothes and have a cute photo session. However, in pre wedding photography the shoot is usually done a few months before the wedding and the couples wear their wedding outfits. The actual day of the wedding has couples rushing all over the place and most of the photos are taken with friends and relatives. However, pre wedding photography allows couples to wear their beautiful wedding outfits, and pick their favorite poses and locations to save forever through photos.

1. Start Immediately

Start as early as possible! Have you decided on a specific date or season you would like your photo shoot to be in? It is important to note that photographers have a very busy schedule and can be booked out months or even years in advance. The best way to ensure the photographer you want is available is to book early!

Ready, set... Go! ー Photo by Ryujin Hawaii

2. Decide on a Budget

Before you start perusing photographers, you need to decide on a budget. Many photographers will tell you that good photography comes at a price, so it's safe to say that pre wedding photography can be quite the investment. 

Before you start questioning how a short photo session can be so pricey, take into consideration 3 things: equipment, time, and travel. Professional photographers are constantly updating their equipment and cameras to ensure they take the highest quality images. Aside from equipment, it is also important to think about the time it takes for the photographer to produce the perfect pictures. On average a photographer will spend at least 2-7 hours searching through all the photos, backing them up to a hard drive for safe keeping, and editing them so you look your best. The last thing to consider is the travel time, many photographers have to go to you, to take your pictures, and though this does not take as much time as other things on their to-do list, it is still an investment on their end. Professional photographers give a lot of their time so you can look your best for photos, so it is important you decide on an appropriate budget so both you and your photographer are happy.

Make sure to take in to account the cost of your attire, travel/entrance fees, and props. ー Photo by Ranmaru Style

3. Decide on a Style

If you've already searched "pre wedding photography", you have probably seen a plethora of Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards with thousands of different photos. By deciding on a style that you like, it will be easier to find a photographer and talk to them about what you want for your photo shoot. To learn more about the different types and see example photos, check out our article on the photography styles.

Dramatic and artistic ー Photo by Luce Photo Studio

4. Find and Connect

After you've decided on a date, budget, and style, it's time to find some photographers! We recommend searching for the style and location of the photo shoot you would like and going from there. You can try searching using tags on Instagram, Pinterest, or keywords in Google Image Search and see what photos jump out at you. We also have a keyword and location search here at Famarry to make it easy for you to look through our hundreds of registered professional photographers around the world. 

Once you have a few photographers that fit your requirements it is important to find out a little bit about their personality and get answers to any specific questions you may have. Don't be afraid to shop around and speak with a few different photographers until you find someone you really connect with. 

Finally, when you are happy that you have found the right photographer you can book them and start getting excited for your shoot! If you need any help finding the right photographer for your pre wedding photos then please feel free to contact us.

Make your pre wedding photos spectacular! ♡ ー Photo by 37 Frames Photography

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