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・There is no charge for photo gallery registration or site posting.
・A fee is charged when a shooting offer or appointment reservation is established.
・Registering an account as a photographer allows you to create your own pages on each site operated by AMI.
・After registration, you can make an appointment for a briefing / interview and the page will be published.

Seeing the photographer's face enhance sense of security of the customer

  • Profile image must be at least 600px by 600px
  • Please allow a 50px margin for cropping
  • Image background must not be transparent
The Password must be at least 8 characters.

* Please enter self‐introduction, appeal points, past achievements, etc.
* Please enter at least 120 characters
* Please do not enter the following in your profile.
・ Contact information such as email address, telephone number, URL, LINE ID, etc.
・ Various line breaks / spaces, meaningless character strings
・ Expression of discomfort (sexual, violent, discriminatory expressions, etc.)
* Profile is automatically translated. You can modify from the management screen after registration.

* Up to 10 sample photos (less than 256M) as your portfolio
* After registration, you can update albums and add photos

* Not displayed on photographer page

By joining AMI you agree to our terms of service

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