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Takano Kazuki

Takano Kazuki

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Chiba-ken Tōkyō-to Chiba Chiba

About Takano Kazuki

Nice to meet you!
My name is Kazuki, from With U Photo.
I take photos for many of life's big events: weddings, shrine visits, family photos, etc.

I prefer to capture everyone's natural expressions, instead of forced, unnatural smiles.
Let's relax by having conversation, and enjoying ourselves during the photo shoot.

Feel free to ask me anything. "Is this photoshoot possible? Can we do this? Can we do that?"... Please ask!
If it's possible, we can meet up as many times as necessary, to relieve your stress and worries leading up to the big day.
I'll do my best to support you, and bring you the best photoshoot!

Available for anywhere in the world.

Customers' Voice

I had many worries before the photoshoot. I was worried about if my photos would be as good as my friends' photos, and also if the photographer and my vision matched. However, I felt relieved when I had a consultation with him!(*^^*) We developed our ideas, and got advice on what to prepare beforehand. For things related to your wedding, I think preparing for everything without compromises is best. I know preparing for the wedding ceremony is not all fun and games, and it's hard to prepare with work too... but if you make compromises and don't prepare what you want, then you'll regret it. Especially photos, because they last forever. I'm very satisfied. I can't wait to book my Newborn Photo and Children's photos. (*^^*)

I was late to my photoshoot, so I wasn't able to prepare or relax for the photos properly. I think it's best to tell the photographer what kind of photos you want beforehand, and check the photos right after the shoot to make sure you're OK with the photos. The photographer was very nice and considerate, so we would like to book him again when we have the chance.

I was deeply touched by all of the wonderful photos. Thank you so much to Mr. Takano for all the advice and for the great photo shoot environment. I really appreciate it!【Shichi-Go-San Photo Shoot】

The photographer was used to children and tried to unravel the tension in various ways. Also, as there were suggestions of poses and shooting places, I could relax with confidence and I am very satisfied. (At Shichigosan 3 shooting)

They took pictures of their dogs and our daily lives. The start and atmosphere were so natural that I didn't know when I pressed the shutter, or when I started shooting. It rained a lot from the middle, but the photographer took the best scene of the scene with the most unsatisfactory appearance. It was. Takano-san, really (!), Thank you for the gentle shooting. I think that the miracle that a pet dog that would normally be intimidating by a man can never be frightened is because Mr. Takano has been well at the beginning. It was a heavy rain, not in the weather forecast, but it was also possible to enjoy the wonderful scenery, and above all, how safe it was that Mr. Takano was enjoying it! I was talking with my family when I got home. Thank you so much for shooting with my whole body! I would like to ask for another opportunity ♪

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