Photo of underwater taken by Abe水中フォトウェディング

Photo taken by Abe水中フォトウェディング - underwater

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About Abe水中フォトウェディング

【Photographer Profile】
Masahiro Abe, 43 Years Old, Specializes in Underwater Portraits
With roots in the wedding photo portraits, he made the move to underwater portraits.
2016: Released the work Aquarium Girl (水槽少女)
Feb: Onaeba (御苗場) Vol. 18 Media Partner Award, Digital Camera Watch Award
Mar: Motor Magazine Ltd., Published in the Cameraman April Edition's, "55 Japanese Photographers of 2016"
Apr: Solo Exhibition at Gallery Dojunkai
Jun~Oct: 3 Time Exhibition of "Actress Aquarium"
Dec: Solo Exhibition at Fuji Create's Ginza Venue

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