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"If the proverb being born with a silver spoon had to be customized for me, it would most likely have been a paint brush. As far as my memory goes, I have always found expression through the medium of art. The strokes of my paintbrush or the lenses of my camera truly define who I am. At the very core I am an artist, not one with a fancy fine art degree but someone who is mostly self-taught. Can creativity be taught in school, can passion be graded, these are some questions I have often asked myself. The answer has always been a resounding no. What it offers though are nuggets on technique, tools, tips and tricks and that gap was bridged in my life by Harshada Kerkar. She is a renowned artist in Goa who has mentored and helped chisel my craft. When a pristine white canvas springs to life with myriad colors, when a mundane backdrop captured through my lens becomes a memory to cherish forever, I am humbled, I know I am blessed. I am passionate about what I do, if the same resonate with you and you would want to commission my artwork for your office or home, please reach out to me at the coordinates given in this website. Thanks for stopping by."

I have studied Fashion & Commercial photography at the National Institute of Photography, Mumbai. Besides, learning the basics of professional photography at CMYK, Goa.

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