It does not accept the cancellation as long as there is basically no special circumstances. Cancellation policy is as follows. (1) cancellation of up to shooting after booking - shooting 30 days ago: the cancellation of up to 50% (2) shooting 30 days ago - shooting two days before the invoice amount: 70% of billings (3) shooting the day before or the day of cancellation: 100% of the amount claimed, however, such as when there are circumstances such as weather, change of dates is possible. Because there such as the photographer of the arrangements, please let us know as soon as possible.
If it is 5 business days prior to the photo shoot date (before 5PM), please contact our support staff-- the cancelation will be free. However, if your original reservation date is less than 5 days away, then we have already shipped the clothing to your address. This means there will be a cancellation fee. Re-rental for the outfit is possible for 6,000 JPY. We will confirm if the outfit is available for the new date, and bill your credit card with the 6,000 JPY fee. Once payment has been confirmed, the outfit reservation is complete. If your desired outfit is not available for the new date, then we may need to suggest new outfits to you. Thank you for your understanding.
Payment is required for officially reserving your photo shoot date. When you are ready to book the shoot, we will send a payment request to your email. Please be sure to double check the shooting date and package information in the email before you pay!
We accept cancelations, but this may incur a cancelation fee. Please refer to our cancelation policy. Please contact us as soon as possible.
If you would like to reschedule your photoshoot date, please check with the photographer. You may not change the photographer-- it will count as a cancelation.

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