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A Better World for Photographers

Here at AMI, we match highly-skilled photographers with customers who desire high-quality photos. While photographers focus on their art, we provide an array of support tools to make the administrative work easier. Join us in making customers’ dreams a reality with your photography.

How it Works

Step 1

Create a Specialized Profile

You can upload your own photo plans and sample albums to your profile for each genre of work available (Wedding, Family, and/or Business). Customers can then see those plans and albums, and request your plan directly through your account. You can also accept photo shoot offers for some extra work on your available days.

Step 2

Pre-Shoot Planning with the Customer

Start up a conversation with the customer through our messaging system. Consultation and planning with the customer before the photoshoot date will make things go smoother, and lead to higher satisfaction.

Step 3

Make Customers Smile with your Photos

Photo shoots can be nerve-racking for both customers and photographers. Use communication to help relax their expression, and take beautiful photos that can only be captured in that moment. The customer will see the photos and will be moved by your work.

Remuneration for the Photographer

Photographers worldwide have their skills and professional services evaluated, working to their fullest potential wherever they go. To support this, we offer remuneration at competitive rates for the photographer.

Words from our Photographers

Kazuki Takano

Why I’m Glad I Registered

During one of my photo shoots, I became good friends with the shopkeeper on location. They let me hold a photo exhibition in their store.
・When I do business photo shoots, I often meet with top-level personnel at various companies. It’s an amazing chance to talk with them and gain learning opportunities.
・On the day of the photo shoot, I had a conversation with the hair and makeup stylist about a product photo shoot. They let me take part in an event, and I was able to make a new networking connection.
・When I was doing my own sales and promotions, there were many unstable times with lots of fruitless work. However, thanks to AMI, I’m able to reach customers that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to. I’m able to secure income without spending money on marketing.
・You can freely accept work at your own convenience, so you can manage your own schedule.
・The support team is very efficient. I can accept work with a simple response, and I can increase my workload without the pressure of administrative work.

Michi Photography

Why I’m Glad I Registered

1. It’s a great gateway to gain customers from abroad, as well as customers interested in going abroad.
2. It’s nice that you can accept work in your free time, especially as a freelancer with no affiliate agencies.
3. Even photographers with very specific requirements can join easily, because you’re able to make your own photo shoot plans freely.
4. I can really feel this company’s thoughtfulness and enthusiasm for the photography business. They frequently conduct interviews, questionnaires, and research for their registered photographers. They also always credit the photographers when using their works on their webpage.

To be honest, when joining a photographer matching service like this, some independent freelance photographers might be worried about their personal branding being affected negatively. However, I think joining this kind of website is very important, especially because of reason #4.
From here on out, I hope to expand my horizons by focusing on what I can achieve independently, as well as what I can achieve through this service.

Keiko Yuzawa

I want to give smiles

It’s great because I can make use of my open days for more photo shoots.
I’m registered on other websites too, but AMI consistently sends offers.
Although sometimes it takes time to confirm photo shoots, the support staff comes in and arranges even the smallest details for us, so we can get connected with customers without incessant emails. The customer chooses their desired photographer in the end, so conversations after the official booking go very smoothly.

8 Photographer Support Tools

AMI hopes to reduce the burden of your administrative work by providing 8 support tools.

Create Your Portfolio

Upload your photos to create your own personalized showcase. Select the types of photo shoots you offer, and tag your photos with keywords like “beach”, “cherry blossom”, “artistic” etc. to make it easier for customers to find your packages.


Create Your Own Package

Make your own photography packages and set the type of shoot, price, and services offered. AMI Admin also allows you to create special packages for selected areas and times.


Manage Your Schedule

Sync your account with Google Calendar to easily schedule bookings. Booking requests will only be scheduled on dates you are available, and you can accept/decline bookings from within AMI Admin. If you are not available, we will coordinate with the customer to try and match your schedule.

Customer Support

Our team takes care of administrative tasks such as answering commonly asked customer questions, arranging dress rentals and hair/make-up artists etc.

Order Management

AMI Admin provides you with an easy to use booking, payment, and photo delivery system. Payments are processed via PayPal.

Create an FAQ

Reduce your workload by creating an FAQ that answers questions your customers frequently ask.

Customer Communication

We provide you with a messaging tool to easily connect with your customers. Get to know your client and discuss important details before you meet to ensure a smooth shoot and satisfied customer.

Reminder Message

To make sure everything goes to schedule, we will send a notification to you and your customers the day before the photo shoot.


What is Famarry?

Famarry helps couples find the most professional and caring photographers to take their dream engagement, pre-wedding, honeymoon or anniversary pictures in the most romantic and picturesque destinations around the world.



What is emily?

It is perfect not only for celebratory events such as shrine visits or Shichigosan, but also for birthdays, piano presentations, summer festivals and Christmas shooting reservations.
With our service, parents can feel free to book photographers to take pictures of only "now" as a milestone for children's growth.


What is Business?

Through partnerships with corporate clients, we have acquired a stable number of projects and are taking high quality photos for our clients.

Let us help you grow your business!

Our team takes the hassle out of customer management by responding to common inquiries, and AMI Admin’s easy to use payments and booking system helps you efficiently manage your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the photographer accepts the request, the customer will confirm the photo shoot and officially book. Once the booking is complete, the photographer and customer will be connected directly in AMI’s messaging system. Please talk to the customer about photo shoot specifics before the photo shoot date.
When the customer makes a rescheduling request, we ask that the customer and photographer reschedule to a day that works best for both parties if possible. In the case of bad weather, we ask that schedule changes are done based on the weather forecast 3 days in advance.

The cancelation policy is as follows (if requested by the customer)
Wedding Photo Shoot:
(1)1 month or more before the photo shoot:You will be refunded up to 50% of the booking amount.
(2)2 – 30 days before the photo shoot:You will be refunded up to 30% of the booking amount.
(3)1 day before or on the day of the photo shoot:No refund.

Family or Business Photo Shoots:
(1)On the day of the photo shoot:No refund.
(2)On the day before the photo shoot:You will be refunded up to 50% of the booking amount.
2 days or more before the photo shoot:You will be refunded up to 100% of the booking amount.
After the photo shoot is finished, you will be paid for that photo shoot at the end of the following month. For example, all photo shoots done in April will be paid to the photographer on the last day of May. We will send the payment to the Bank Account registered under your account information. PayPal and Domestic Japanese Wire Transfer are available.
Family photos are generally complete and sent off to the customer within 2 weeks. Wedding photos should take about 4 weeks. Please send a download to the customer when the product is ready.